Wine Cellars of Houston Offers Wine Cellar Cooling Unit with Full Construction & Repair Services

Recognized as a leader within the Wine Cellar Industry, Wine Cellars of Houston can assist you in complete design and construction of your wine cellar, wine cellar doors, wine rooms etc. Creating drawings and revisions to delivering the products and providing installation, the quality of our services are unprecedented. Since our inception in 1998, we have been servicing clients locally and abroad and the results were quite fruitful. People in large numbers started purchasing wine cellar cooling unit and as a result its popularity went up. This cooling unit safeguards your wine bottles from getting damaged and keeps the wine intact and fresh.

Cooling unit is always a must for your wines to be kept good. So in-order to keep your wines from getting spoiled or wasted, it is very quite important to get the best wine cellar cooling unit for preserving your wines. Now cooling systems are available in various patterns, qualities and prices. Hence which type of cooling unit you require will depend on the type of wine bottles you use or the type of wine you have. Therefore get hold of the right variety of wine cellar cooling system for your wines at the most affordable price from Wine Cellars of Houston. If you have a wine cellar that needs repairing, you can also come to us for.

Often it becomes difficult to keep your wine bottles in chilled place at your home, and sometimes keeping the wines bottles at home on the floor without any rack or cooling system disrupts the appearance of your home interior and often spoils the wine. So it is preferable to opt for wine cellar cooling unit which can help these wine bottles to retain its good quality and taste.

Wine Cellars of Houston is your complete wine cellar storage partner. We collaborate with you to design, construct and install wine cellars make recommendations, and offer a gamut of unique and state-of-the-art cooling systems.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit and Cigar Humidors. Whether you look for a wine cellar design, a new cigar humidor installation, a damaged cellar restoration or a wine cellar repair – we can help. Do you have an existing wine cellar and cigar humidor? You can rely on us as we can service it effectively.

Our wide array of services includes:

Residential Cellars

We can design, use your own, or combine design ideas to create A Unique Custom Cellar

We provides complete turnkey service starting from conceptualization to completion. We can effectively partner with you to be your trusted advisor, architect, interior designer, and builder to develop a comprehensive design for you in AutoCAD.

We leverage our experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals combined with our industry experience and attention to details to deliver state of art masterpiece exceeding your expectations. We create wine cellar that significantly provides all the technical features to safeguard your investment, while at the same time giving you the peace of mind to enjoy and enjoy a comfortable cellar.

Our range of residential cellar offerings includes:

  • Diamond Bins
  • Rectangular Bins
  • Pull out Cases
  • Wood Cases shelves
  • wine cellar doors
  • Custom Etched Glass Windows
  • Custom Etched Glass
  • Custom Etched Mirror
  • Cellars with or without cooling system
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Slate or Stone Flooring
  • Solid Wood Flooring
  • Custom Wine Cellar Racks
  • Wine Cellar Cooling unit
  • Wine Cellar Repair

Restaurant Cellars

Along with residential cellars, we also offer restaurant cellars, which include private Dinning Cellar Rooms, Wine Display Cabinets, Wine Locker Cabinets, wine cellar doors, Wine Rental Storage Cabinets and Rooms and Rolling Ladders.

Cooling Systems

Wine Cellars of Houston offer a gamut of climate control offerings Wine Cellar Cooling Unit to help you protect your wine belongings. We strive to provide exceptional cooling systems designed with an objective of longevity and wine preservation to ensure perfect temperature and humidity for your wines. Our staff will work closely with you to help you select and size a cooling unit in line with your storage, space and budget needs. Not only this, our experts can also provide wine cellar repair solution for your favorite wine cellars.

You can get the best wine cellar cooling unit from us that will help you attain an ideal cellar environment. Since the temperature, drastically affects the rate in which the wine matures. Also, maintaining the right amount of humidity in your wine cellar helps in keeping the corks in good shape. Some of the types of cooling systems we provide are listed below –

  • Whisperkool
  • Breezaire
  • Winemate
  • Split system
  • and More

Home Remodeling Service

While our core focus is to provide you with wine cellar related services, we take pride in our story, which started with our expertise in fulfilling home remodeling needs and handyman service. Since our inception, we have been providing home remodeling and handyman services to our customers to help them make their living comfortable, luxurious, and exciting!

Just getting started, or needing some inspiration? Call us today for a free consultation.