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Wine Closet Ideas – 3 Places You can Transform into a Wine Closet

Are you a connoisseur of wines but don’t have a place to build a wine cellar for your lovely collection? Gone are the days when you would have to spend thousands of dollars to build a cellar for your wine collection that it deserves. With advanced technology and tools even the smallest of spaces in your house can be turned into beautiful and cozy wine closets. With our expertise, we can analyze your home and give you wine closet ideas for your precious collection. Spice up the most regular and mundane spaces in your home to showcase your beautiful wine bottles. Read on to know more about these spaces that can be transformed.

Dining Room Wine Closets

The place where you leisurely have your food could provide you with access to your favorite wine, without you bringing a bottle and setting it aside on the dining table. This is a classy and compact way to showcase your wine bottles. This wine closet would act as your mini wine cellar. For further details on this you can contact us at 281-271-7045. We are among those wine cellars in Houston who design your vision of wine closets and create them into reality

Closet Transformations

Building a wine closet in an actual closet! It is as exciting as it sounds. This is one of the most creative wine closet ideas. You will be surprised by how many bottles you can store in this type of wine closet. You can get this built-in any closet that you do not use anymore or is just being left like that, like a shoe closet or a broom closet that you don’t use anymore. After we have done our work, you wouldn’t even recognize that it is the same room. Even the door would be replaced with wine cellar doors because so that it keeps your wine bottles safe. With the perfect wine cellar door, your wine collection will age finely.

Garage Closets

If you are using your garage to hoard junk, then it's time to stop doing so. Your wine collection could use that space instead. After installing the closet into your garage space and upgrading it with a cooling system, you would regret having not done that earlier. You could choose from the several wine cellar doors to replace the garage door with, to keep the temperature stable and to complete the look of your wine closet.

If you ask us, we suggest you go with our wrought iron wine cellar doors. They are durable and a variety of designs can be made on them to give your wine closet the perfect finish.

We at Wine Cellars of Houston, provide you with the most unique and creative designs and ideas for your wine closets. We are widely known in Bellaire, Conroe, Katy and Rosenberg Tx wine cellars for our custom-made products. With our expertise and your vision we will create the best wine closet for your cozy home. You can check through our site for the other services as well.