League City

Modern Elegance with Functionality in Your Wine Cellars in League City

Having a wine cellar is like having an asset for any home. It is a sign of luxury and elegance in the home interior while letting the collection of wine to age well to attain their best taste and aroma. Keeping this in mind, we, Wine Cellars of Houston, have been offering custom wine cellar design to the wine lovers of League City since 1998.

Wine Cellars of Houston aims to create the wine cellar that will not only house your precious wine collection but will also help you perk up the glamour of your home with the sophistication and elegance of a designer cellar. We not only design your wine cellar but also install your wine racks, wine cellar doors, and furniture. You can in fact bring back the old glory of your old wine cellar too with us. Our architects and specialist designers are here to help you enjoy the sophistication that a wine cellar brings. Call today at 281-271-7045.

Our Features

Custom Wine Cellar Design

Create a stunning statement of luxury and class with our custom wine cellar designed to keep your exclusive needs in mind in terms of aesthetics and size.

Custom Wine Rack Design

No matter what is the size of your wine collection or your designing requirements, our custom wine racks will create the perfect show with style and elegance.

Award Winning Service

Wine Cellars of Houston is an award winning agency with experienced experts having an amazing taste of aesthetics to turn your personal wine cellar into the most glorious asset.

Free Consultation

Planning to get a wine cellar for your residential or commercial establishment? Call us today at 281-271-7045 now for a without-obligation free consultation from experts.

Wine Cellars of Houston has a rich history of designing, building, and restoring wine cellars in the Houston area. We work closely with each client to ensure that our work is completed on-time and to the client’s complete satisfaction. We take pride in our customer service. If our clients aren’t happy then we aren’t happy.


Please contact us anytime by email at info@winecellarsofhouston.com or by phone at 281-271-7045 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM central time. We look forward to hearing from you.