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How Does Humidity Directly Impact Your Precious Wines?

You might have heard wine connoisseurs advising about the importance of temperature control for wine cellars. But, did you know that humidity levels also play a major role in keeping your wine collection safe and optimal?

That’s the reason why we at Wine Cellars of Houston, try to educate our clients about the impact of humidity as they place their custom wine rack orders.

In this blog, you will find all the necessary details about how maintaining optimal humidity levels is essential to maintain the consistency of your precious wine bottles over the years.

What’s The Ideal Wine Cellar Humidity Level?

That’s a billion-dollar question! According to experts, the ideal humidity level for a wine cellar racking system is between 50- 70%. That’s the sweet spot that wine connoisseurs and even cellar designers advise to maintain strictly.

Keeping the moisture levels within this sweet spot is one of the best cork preservation techniques. It allows the cork to retain its elasticity and suppleness. This ultimately helps in creating a tight sealant and protects your precious wines from getting tarnished.

It’s All In The Cork!

Cork seals are a natural sight when it comes to wine bottles. Although wine bottle sealants come in various options like glass, metal, plastic, etc., they aren’t as prone to moisture damage as cork sealants are!


It’s because cork is a natural material! And much like all other natural materials, it deteriorates with time. The bottom part is exposed to the wine, while the top part of the cork is exposed to air.

Here’s what happens when humidity levels fluctuate:-

  • If The Air’s Too Dry (Below 50%)

If the air inside the cellar becomes too dry, the cork can dry out simultaneously! Dried cork is prone to shrinking and even suffering cracks thereby compromising the seal and enabling air to seep into the bottle. This leads to oxidation, which can alter the taste and aroma of the wine.

Not only that, but excessive dryness in the air might even cause your wines to evaporate through the cork! This reduces the volume and also brings about unnecessary concentrations in the flavor.

  • If The Air’s Too Humid (Above 70%)

On the contrary, if the air inside the cellar has too much moisture presence, it can result in the cork getting swollen. This might not loosen the seal but invite mold and fungus growth on the cork itself. Moreover, this not only affects the overall aesthetics of the cellar but also adds unwanted flavors to your wines!

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To Conclude

Whether you’re ordering a fully customized wine cellar, or converting a cabinet to a wine rack, maintaining optimal humidity inside the cellar is crucial. That, along with proper temperature control settings causes the beverages to mature properly!

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