Explore the World of Red Wines Beyond the Full-Bodied Cabernet

Things tend to rot and wither away as they age, except wine. There are several styles of wine that keep improving the longer they sit on your wine racks. However, when it comes to red wines, most people tend to stick to full-bodied favorites like cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. If you belong to that segment, it’s time to explore something new. 

Sure, you can appreciate good wine without knowing much about it. If it tastes and smells nice, it is good wine. However, as you get into the nuances of different styles of red wine, you’re armed with the knowledge to appreciate its complexities and create perfect custom wine racks in Houston Texas, and other cities like Bellaire, Conroe, and Katy for showing off your collection. Fortunately, you also have reliable wine rack makers like Wine Cellars of Houston, who can craft anything according to your requirement.

Let’s explore all the styles of red wine:

1. Full-Bodied

Full bodied wines must be reserved for the bold and experienced. They are crafted for enthusiasts who have already savored other types of red wine. Unfortunately, most get introduced to the world of wines with these bold flavors. While enthusiasts set up their wine racks with an emphasis on these bottles, beginners aren’t usually receptive to the high amount of tannins in full-bodied reds like Cabernets, Malbec and Shiraz. 


They are also high in alcohol content and have rich flavors like cedar, tobacco, and cherry. Their rich flavors are perfect for an exciting night and go perfectly with heavy meals like steak dinners. Since full-bodied reds are best served at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, they are perfect for the Texas weather and don’t require extensive cooling setup. We recommend customizing this to your heart’s content since there are no restriction in wine cellar rack designs with full-bodies reds.

2. Medium-bodied

Medium-bodied reds age gracefully under the right conditions and are perfect for food pairings. That’s why they are very common in wine cocktails. All full-bodied reds can’t be put in the same category either, since they vary in flavor and aroma drastically. However, all of the renowned medium-bodied wines like Pinot Noir, Merlot, Grenache, and Sangiovese have distinct earthy flavors along with fruity notes of cherry and plum. We have built custom wooden wine racks in Houston, Texas and other cities like Kingwood, Texas City, Tomball Place to store them at the perfect angle and age them optimally. 

3. Light Bodied and Rose Wine

Light-bodied reds are known for their almost translucent appearance, credit to the low tannins. They are perfect for beginners who like strong fruity notes in their wine. On the other hand, rose wines are lighter to the point of being almost clear and get their color from grape skins. If you want to start with these bottles and grow your collection in the future, it’s best to choose a modular wine racking system. 



Whether you are new to the world of wine or a seasoned connoisseur, if you want metal wine racks or an entire cellar to build or grow your collection, Wine Cellars of Houston has you covered.

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