3 Reasons You Must Not Miss Sliding Wine Racks

Whether you love your share of wine every day or want to enjoy it occasionally, you need to curate a perfect storage option. Having a unique rack to store the collections you treasure depends on the availability of space. The delicate wine bottles need to age gracefully. Whether you are trying to restore the old wine racks at home or need to focus on accessibility, connect with Rudy Ardon from Wine Cellars of Houston. We are a one-of-a-kind store offering you numerous design concepts for racks to store bottles.

Why a sliding rack?

One of the reasons why sliding metal wine racks are used for storing bottles is due to their simple operation. So, you will find it a lot easier to access the bottles whenever your heart craves your favorite drink. Featuring slides, the racks can be pushed or pulled in one go and the reason for this are the wheels installed on the sides. You can glide the storage with ease and make it function as a low drawer inside the cabinet. The drawer style is more popular as it prevents the bottles from sliding off the racks when you try to push or pull them back.

Benefits of sliding wine racks

Do you want to convert a standard kitchen cabinet to a wine storage solution? Why don’t you connect with us to design exceptional sliding racks to convert them into custom wine cabinets? Not only are they easy to install but allow you to design storage, which is handy. Our designers can create sliding wine racks with multiple shelves good storing up to six bottles. With full-extension slides, you can keep the cork wet and prevent the content from spoilage. Want to be a Sommelier taking pride in your wine storage solution? Get to action and team with experts to create racks that slide and glide easily. Here are 4 reasons to stick to shelves that slide.

  1. Get more storage space
  2. With pull-out racks, you will never have a shortage of space when storing the bottles but end up using every inch of the rack when organizing the bottles. Moreover, you will have the potential to access and view every bottle that is in them.

  3. No stretching or bending
  4. Drinking wine is not only a privilege but having a storage space dedicated to your drink adds to your pride. So, you need not stretch or bend over to access the bottles. Just slide the pull-out racks and find everything you need.

  5. Durable racks
  6. You may feel surprised to learn that the pull-out racks are more durable as they are installed inside cabinets. Our team here has the skills of designing sliding racks and our attention to detail is a thing you can swear by.

Are you looking forward to creating custom wine racks that pull out of cabinets with ease? At Wine Cellars of Houston, we are happy to cater to your needs and assist you with everything from the selection of materials to design. Give us a buzz at 281-271-7045 / 281-787-0783 to create the best wine storage racks with customized features.