A Dedicated Wine Room in Your Home – An Asset to be designed

The wine collection is an obsession. It is not at all easy to resist the temptation of acquiring new bottles of vintage beauties and keeping them in your collection. And when you finally, successfully, install a wine cellar at your home, it surely becomes the most sought after part in your whole abode. After all, having a dedicated wine room or a cellar at home is surely like having an asset. Now, when you are thinking of a wine room for your home, keeping some principles and expert’s ideas in mind will be helpful.

We, at Wine Cellars of Houston, offer the wine room designs along with some expert’s tips and recommendations that will help you create the space the way you want. How can you do that as a beginner? Take a look.

Purpose of the wine room

Do you know the reasons for installing a wine room? If you are aware of the purpose, it is easier to come up with suitable wine room ideas. For instance, you may need it for storing special collections or a place where you can showcase the rarest of the collections. In that case, the wine room needs to highlight the vintage drink in a versatile manner. Make sure the room is versatile and functional in every possible manner.

Choose the Right Space

Choosing the right space for the cellar or the wine room is your first and foremost priority. Where should the cellar be? If you are blessed with a basement in your home, then you can go for a wine cellar there. If you have space in your living that can be used for this stunning piece of art in your home, go for custom wine room designs.

Choose the Right Components

A wine cellar is not just about keeping the wine to age well. It is the place where you can keep the wine bottles in a more organized way to be displayed beautifully. It is also necessary that you get the right cooling unit that will keep the temperature and humidity at the right level. So, when you are planning for a wine room or looking for home wine cellar designs, knowing about this nitty-gritty will help you choose the right components for the cellar.

Go for Right Designer and Contractor

There can be many companies that will promise you to provide the best. But when it comes to the best design and the perfect functionality, choosing the right people is necessary. So, for custom wine cellar Austin, Dallas and Houston, we, the Wine Cellars of Houston are the perfect team for you. We are an award-winning company, offering stunning designs for wine cellar and rooms that will win your heart.

Find the best location

How can you forget to pick the perfect location for the wine room? It is one of the most crucial aspects as choosing the wrong location may ruin your collection. Want to create a wine room inside the kitchen? Beware of climate control conditions, insulation, and ventilation for the system you choose. Instead of the kitchen, choose the mudrooms that are generally close to the kitchen and offers adequate storage option. Add a couple of drawers and shelves to store and ensure that the quality of the content stays intact.

Use extra space

Do you have additional space at home you hardly use? You can build a cellar with floor-to-ceiling racks and cabinets and use colors that replicate the wine cellar. Use curtains to protect the collections from light and make sure the flooring can handle the weight of the collection.

Leave space for expanding the collection

Your wine collection is not exhaustive. If you plan to choose a cellar, make sure there is enough room for expansion. The growth of the collection needs you to invest in a wine room decor that lasts for years. Try to make the location expandable and let the collection grow.

Use the dining room

Choosing the dining room for storing wine makes it comfortable to access and use the bottles if you have friends over for a gathering. Choose one of the walls and convert the dining area into a wine room with a lot of flex space.

So, now as you know about designing a wine cellar or room at your home, what are you waiting for? Come to us and get a consultation. Call at 281-271-7045 now for more details.