Floor Standing Metal Wine Racks

Advantages of Floor Standing Metal Wine Racks Over Others

to display your wine collection but some come out better than the rest. Most wine collectors store their wine in cellars. But one of the better ways to put a certain part of your most loved collection is using a wine rack.

Wine racks come in different shapes, sizes and builds. They can be made of wood, metal, glass, and are usually e wall mounted or floor standing. In recent times wine collectors seem to be leaning towards buying floor standing metal wine racks in Houston, Texas because of its various qualities. But, are they really better? Are you a wine collector who wants to build wine racks of latest designs? Contact Wine Cellars of Houston to build custom wine racks as per your requirements.

Let’s Get to Know Why Floor Standing Metal Wine Racks Are Better

  • Portability
  • Floor standing metal wine racks are highly portable than other types of wine racks. How? Wall mounted metal wine racks are fixed to a single position and is very hectic to move from one place to another. This is because they are mounted using multiple screws and bolts that secures it to the wall. Floor standing metal wine racks can be shifted very easily anywhere in your house almost effortlessly.

  • Supports more weight
  • A floor standing metal wine rack can support more weight than a wall mounted one. This is because it stands directly on the floor which gives it a better support right from its base and thus can carry more weight. This means you can display more bottles on floor standing metal wine cellar racks.

  • Needs lesser space to store more bottles
  • Metal racks are known for its capability to store more bottles than wooden or glass wine racks in the same confined space. This is because metal is a stronger material than wood. Moreover, you need a small amount of the material   is needed to build big cellars. Therefore, you can save money when building a floor standing metal wine rack compared to other materials. Do you have a wine business and want to display more wine in a confined space? A floor mounted commercial wine rack made from metal will carry more bottles than other racks.

  • Provides better fall protection
  • The major focus of a home wine cellars design or a wine rack design is to display your expensive wine collection safely. But, in case of wall mounted wine racks there always remains a risk of it falling down with all bottles displayed on it. This is because wall mounted racks do not get any support from the base and is held in place entirely by the screws and bolts used to mount it on the wall. This is why a floor standing metal wine rack is always a safer option.

These points explain why a floor standing metal wine rack is a better, stronger and safer option to keep your wine collection on display. Thinking whom to consult in order to make a custom wine rack for your home? At Wine Cellars of Houston we make all kinds of wine racks that suits your style and requirements. Discuss your needs with us by calling at 281-271-7045 or sending an email to info@winecellarsofhouston.com.