Wall Mounted Wine Racks

6 Undeniable Benefits of Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Maybe you are an aspiring oenophile who is investing in building a noteworthy collection of vintage wines. Or maybe you are already building your wine cellar and you are wondering which type of wine racks will be perfect for your collection. So, when you are in a dilemma like that, comes to Wine Cellars of Houston. We are an award winning company offering the best solutions for your wine cellar in Houston.

Getting Custom Racks for Your Collection

If you are looking for the best wine cellar racks or the racks that will hold your small collection, we always suggest that you get custom wine racks in Sugar Land, Texas City, Tomball, West University, Sugar Land, River Oaks, Cinco Ranch, Woodlands, West University, Cypress. Why should you do that? Well, because they will be designed keeping your collection in mind. You can get various types of custom racks from us. If you want to get wall-mounted wine racks, then you must take a look at the following points.

Wall Mounted Wine Racks

  • Accent to the wall
  • Wall mounted wine rack can be the focal point of your room. If the walls are bare and you don’t want to invest in some artifacts, then you can easily get a wall-mounted rack that will house your precious collection. This will be a glorious spectacle and will be loved by your guests too.

  • Easy traceable
  • When you are placing your bottle in the wall-mounted racking system, you will be able to easily trace the bottle without any problem. Why? Because the labels will be displayed clearly. Or you can add tags too to find out which one you want to pour and when.

  • Vibration proof
  • Another huge benefit of wall mounted wine racks is that they reduce the effect of vibration. That is why the best wine cellars in Houston and Bellaire, Conroe, Friendswood, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, Rosenberg, Spring, Stafford, have this type of racks. As they are wall-mounted, they are not much affected by foot traffic or vibration of vehicles outside.

  • Prevents Overheating
  • Now, many homeowners complain that their ground planted wine storage options damage their precious wine in a short while. This is because these storage options sustain a lot of heat from the ground up. You won’t find this issue with our custom wine racks that are wall mounted in design. Our experts make sure that the wall mounted wine cellar rack is placed in a direction and distance that is away from harsh sunlight or other heat generation. This way your wine will be safe and edible for a longer period of time. One of our customers Emily, who had previously opted for ground level wine storage, had the same issue. Speaking to our team, she said, ” All my wine started to taste bad and sour after a certain point of time. At first, I thought because of the small space and the unavailability of wine cellar doors, the situation occurred but it wasn’t the case. My husband and I are wine connoisseurs and we’re completely distraught by this situation.”

    When our team surveyed the home, we found out that the culprit is nothing but heat. Her wine storage was placed directly on the ground and was sucking up all the heat. It was inevitable for her wine to taste funny. But with our help, the situation was remedied correctly.

  • Plenty of Options
  • At Wine Cellars of Houston, you will find plenty of wall mounted wine rack ideas as opposed to floor options. Our designers keep in touch with the latest trending ideas about building the best wine storage in a small space. If you are someone heavily inspired by Pinterest and other funky design idea websites, we are your perfect fit. Most top wine rack providers and designers will be able to give you more options in this field. For other floor wine storage ideas, well, there isn’t much to choose from. If you are a person driven by the need to get a unique installation in your home, choosing wall wine racks is the best course of action for you.

  • Easy to clean
  • Cleaning wall mounted racks is easy too. If you are choosing wood or crafted metal, you can easily vacuum clean them all by yourself. And this type of racks will not accumulate too much dust either.

    We understand how difficult it must be to clean an entire cellar with glass wine cellar doors and maintain it. After all, it is always great to hear compliments on your fashionable wine storage options, right? But when it comes to cleaning most people let out an easy sign. With wall wine racks, not a chance. You will be done in a couple of minutes without breaking into a sweat.

So, what are you waiting for? Install your wall-mounted wine racks today. And for more details, and to choose our custom wine racks in Sugar Land, River Oaks, Cinco Ranch, Bellaire, West University, Katy give us a call at 281-271-7045 now.

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