Custom Wine Racking: Why to Store Wine Bottles Flat On Their Sides

When talking about a wine cellar, a number of intricate considerations have to be made. These considerations are very important to be kept in mind as each of these plays a vital role in maintaining the taste of the wines. For example, the build of the cellar, the wine cellar doors, the humidity and the wine cellar racking.

Wine Cellars of Houston is a famous company of wine cellars that offers custom wine cellars along with effective suggestions regarding wine storage. However, in this blog, we shall be talking about very specific aspect of wine cellar racking i.e., the angle of the wine bottles. Be it wooden, wrought iron or metal custom wine racks, it is recommended that the wine bottles are stored flat on their sides in order to help them maintain their taste longer and age better.

Here are 2 reasons why wine bottles need to be stored flat on their sides:

  1. The Cork stays wet: Opting for a custom wine cellar racking system, will let you have the perfect stylish platform to place your wine bottles flat. This means the wine will be able to keep the cork wet. Keeping the cork wet prevents it from drying and shrinking which can lead air inside the bottle leading to faster oxidation and ruining of the taste and speeding up the aging process.
  2. Maintained oxidation: When the wine bottles are stored flat in your custom wine racks, the air inside the wine bottle gets more room to play. This helps for sustained oxidation that allows the wine to age better. Although it may sound like there is not much difference in storing a bottle on its side or let it stand, it does make a lot of difference to the wine’s aging. Hurrying is not something we can afford with wines.

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