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Wine Cabinet: How to Pick One In 2022

Are you searching for the best wine cabinet to aid your collection? There is no denying that wine cabinets offer the best solutions for storing and displaying your bottles and added to it is the value of furniture you will swear by. A beautifully-created and carved wine cabinet with climate-controlled features is the best step to showcase your wine. So, what are the factors to consider when choosing a cabinet for storing wine?  Wine Cellars of Houston is your gateway to choosing cabinets for long-term storage. According to Rudy Ardon, the owner of this cellar manufacturer, “we design custom wine cellars in Sugar Land, River Oaks, Cinco Ranch, Bellaire, West University, and Katy”. So, you won’t have second thoughts before consulting with us for extraordinary cabinets.

Things to remember about wine storage

The wine bottles at home need to be stored under optimum temperature, light, and humidity conditions and allow them to grow in quality with aging. Even if you have a racking system at home to store wine, adding a cabinet may create more space for the accessories. Often, the cabinets serve as bars and make the countertop area more functional. You may find overwhelming cabinet designs when searching for a storage option. Here is how you can pick a modern wine cabinet in 2022.

1.Maturing refrigerated cabinet

A refrigerated cabinet like this one helps in maintaining a consistently cool temperature range and is perfect for the wine to mature. You can keep this one at home and the good thing is that it is available in various sizes and styles. For compact storage, you can choose the area below the tabletop or simply keep it in the dining area. Pick the best style based on the space, the size of the collection, and the design preferences.

2.Multi-functional cabinets

The multi-functional wine-storing cabinets come with various temperature zones and are the best ones to pick if you have a large collection. Here, you can store a few bottles in the mature temperature zone, others in the temperature zone, and the rest at room temperature. Talk to us about designing such feature-rich cabinets that will go miles.

3.Moving wine cabinets

This wine cabinet has dual temperature zones, one for storing and the other one for serving. You can store the red wine in one cabinet and the white in another. If you have a small wine collection, a wall mounted wine cabinet may fit your needs appropriately. But you need to pick an option based on the features, location, space, and size of your collection.

Are you looking for a wine storage option and searching for several options of wine cellars near me? Wine Cellars of Houston is the hub of cabinets, cellars, and racking systems to store your wine seamlessly. Email to send in your requirements to us.

Things You Need to Know About Wine & Wine Storage