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Door up Your Wine Closet with These 3 Door Options

When it comes to designing and building a wine cellar at your home, it is not an easy feat. While old houses used to have the underground or dedicated space wine cellar, modern houses don’t have that much space. And if you are living in a modern house in Bellaire, Conroe, Friendswood, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, Rosenberg, Spring, Stafford, Sugar Land, then you are surely dealing with space constraints even if you want to create a wine cellar. And that is when you can construct a wine closet.

Wine Closet Ideas for You

When you are looking for the ideal space of a wine closet in your humble abode, you can literally design a closet and customize it for the wine cellar. Or you can find a place under the staircase or within the antechamber of your library to create this nook that offers your wine the optimum atmosphere to age. When you are using these wine closet ideas, it is better that you think of getting the right door as it will help you keep the atmosphere right. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we suggest the following options.

  • Wooden Classic Appeal

One of the most popular wine cellar doors is wood. We use hardwood like mahogany for that. Wood offers perfect insulation and proper protection to your wine cellar. When you are coming to us for wine cellar furniture, look through our designs for doors too.

While designing wooden wine closet doors , remember that this will add to the overall appeal of your closet. The materials that you choose from our wide range of products available would ‘light’ up your entryway. We have observed that most homeowners who have an old but charming home, go for our wooden wine cellar door ideas. It is true that this style of door is more fashionable for old homes but even modern homes with minimalistic designs can go for this one. When guests come to visit you, they will get stunned at the rustic appeal of your wine closet, made possible with our experienced team.

  • Glass and Elegance

For a more contemporary and modern look and a stunning showcasing can be done with a glass wine cellar door. Your wine closet will be the focal point of your home with these doors. The glass will be break-resistant and will come with locks to keep the wine collection safe. Also, the door frame will do the work for the insulation.

Since this kind of wine closet door is difficult to install and manage, our team tries to make it as safe as possible. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we do not compromise on the climate control of your cellars. Our doors are made in a way that the temperature inside the cellar remains positive for your prized wine collection. You may hear about wine bottle damage, or wine going stale or starting to smell? This is because the doors did not protect the environment inside the room. Our glass door not only gives an elegant look but also protects the home wine cellars from damage. In Bellaire, Conroe, Friendswood, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, etc. our Tx wine cellar doors are a hit!

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  • Rustic Wrought Iron

Wrought iron wine cellar doors are elegant, rustic, and sturdy. They can be paired with glass and wood. They can be designed in sleek frames or can be used for ornamentation. This is a very versatile material and will ensure that your wine collection is doubly protected.

Aside from the protection factor, our wrought iron wine cellar doors, look greatly appealing. You can easily see what’s inside the wine room when you get iron doors installed. Well, now you can imagine the next time someone comes over. They are going to be blown away! There won’t be any fewer designs available when our designers work with you. You can choose any kind of design or variety that will make your door look aesthetic and also coordinate with the wine cellar room inside. Our high-quality iron door will be greatly aesthetic and also provide the perfect environment for your wine to age.

So, now as you know how you can choose the right wine closet door for your home in Texas City, Tomball, West University, Sugar Land, River Oaks, Cinco Ranch, Woodlands, West University, Cypress, what are you waiting for? Come to us at Wine Cellars of Houston today. We also provide wine cellar repairs in Houston, TX. Dial 281-271-7045 now for a free consultation.

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