Wine Racks

Set Up Wine Racks at Your Home Like a Pro

Has it been a long day at work? Are you organizing an office party for your colleagues? A glass of wine might just be a must-have to enjoy with them. Whether it is oenophiles or casual wine drinkers, all of them need a place to store their wine. Now what other option might you have, to store those wines if you don’t have a wine cellar? Quintessential custom wine racks for home is the answer.
Wine Cellars of Houston has been providing unparalleled service in building wine racks and cellars. We have established ourselves as a pioneer infusing wine storage with your home décor.

This list contains the top 5 recommendations of where you might store your wine racks at home:

  1. In the Living Room
  2. Designing a wine rack in your living room makes for a great décor idea. Whether you’re aiming for a cautious or a vibrant look, implementing unique wine rack ideas in your living room is sure to rev it up.  You may try placing the rack in any corner of the room to portray a nice display of your wine collection. Additionally, your living room might have a cool temperature which is a must for storing wines well. We are an award-winning agency that will live up to every expectation of yours and turn your wine rack into a magnificent asset.

  3. Under the Stairs
  4. Are you living in a house with multiple stories? Do you have enough open space underneath the stairs? If yes, it’s a great opportunity to assemble a custom wine rack to store your wines. In case of vibrations here, you may minimize those using materials like mahogany and Beech to build your wooden wine racks in Houston. Regardless of what material you’re choosing to build your customized wine rack with, we create perfection in each style.

  5. Ceiling Hanging
  6. Do you want a tall wine rack at home? You may hang it from the ceiling. This is a really creative way to set it up in your house. It also becomes inaccessible to kids. For arranging wall mounted wine racks in Houston, you may need professional help. Schedule an appointment with us and keep your wines organized in the wall-mounted racks most elegantly.

Wine racks are becoming increasingly trendy nowadays. By now, you have a list of the three areas of your house that might be suitable for your custom wine racks. For some variation, you might also try out metal wine racks in Houston.

At Wine Cellars of Houston, we take care to build custom wine racks that meet your exclusive needs. Visit us at and take a look at our best creations. Get inspired and book us for your next custom wine cellar today!