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What to Stain and Finish Your Wooden Wine Rack? Here Are Things to Know

Wine enthusiasts prefer wooden wine racks to store their precious collections and the reason for this choice can be many. There is no denying that wooden racking systems are not only incredibly luxurious but are durable as well.

Moreover, you can get different finishes on wooden wine racks compared to several other materials. No wonder those who love wines also understand the significance of staining and finishing the wine racks. If you have wooden wine racks at home and need staining and finishing services, consult with Wine Cellars of Houston. We are a name that people identify with fascinating wine storage cabinets, racks, walk-in cellars, commercial cellars, and everything that will let you display your wine in the most sophisticated manner.

Here Are A Few Tricks And Tips For Staining And Finishing Custom Wine Racks Made With Wood:

Know What You Want

Do not just go for a staining and finishing job on your wine racking system because you have come across your neighbor doing the same. You need to pay attention to the smallest details of the wooden wine racking systems at your home and office to know if they really need staining and finishing. We use authentic wood when creating custom racks for storing wine. So, it might take some time before the racks start revealing their true colors. Consult with our experts to get better insights and suggestions as to when your wooden racks may need staining and finishing for that aristocratic look.

Check the Colors of The Finish You Choose

If your wall-mounted wine racks require finishing and staining, you need to examine the odor of the product. Remember that wine racks are usually installed in closed environments and temperature-controlled conditions. So, the foul odor of the finish may seep into the bottles and destroy the aroma of your precious collections. So, the best option is to hand over the finishing and staining tasks to us. We are a full-fledged company producing the highest quality luxury wine racks and know what serves the best when to staining and finishing wooden wine storage.

Choosing The Right Product

When choosing finishes for wooden wine racks, you can pick water-based or oil-based products. Analyze the qualities of both products and how much they may affect the flavors of the collections. We will recommend the best suggestions once we know the wood used in creating the rack. We also handle the maintenance of metal wine racks, so consult us if you want to get racks made from metal.

A custom wine rack is the best storage option for displaying wine bottles. But if you want to finish and stain your wooden wine rack, Wine Cellars of Houston is the company you need to trust. They have been in this business since 1998 and since then, there has been no looking back. Call 281-271-7045 / 281-787-0783 to speak to our experts today.

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