How To Build a Sustainable Custom Wine Cellar?

Are you a wine enthusiast and do not want to fall short of ideas when constructing a new custom wine cellar? Well, there is a lot of room for exploration but the use of sustainable materials during the construction of a wine cellar is catching up.

Do you also want to count yourself a part of this growing trend? You have come to the right place. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we have been touching milestones with custom wine cellar making and unwarranted carpentry skills. We take pride in designing and building custom wine cabinets in Houston, Texas, and have established ourselves as a premium brand in this segment.

How to Create Home Wine Cellars With Sustainable Materials?

  • Check the Raw Materials

Using green materials during the construction of wine cellar furniture in Houston, TX does not require the production of new materials. That way, the makers can minimize the use of various raw materials and consequently reduce the amount of waste products. Find out cellar makers who can create cabinets out of recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact. Therefore, you need to check whether the furniture builder you are planning to trust has a knack for creating eco-friendly furniture and has a good reputation in Houston.

  • Recycling Genuine Wine Barrels

Carving wine barrel heads is another green technique wherein the makers use recycled authentic barrels to be mounted on the walls and used as cabinets. Usually, the ends of barrels are used for this purpose where the cracks need to be appropriately sealed with a plywood backing for additional support. The good thing about using barrels for home wine cellars is that you can customize them for different designs, shapes, and sizes. Trust us for creating the barrel design for your custom-made cellar.

  • Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

Even the best luxury wine cellars look incomplete without installing proper lights. But when sustainability is in your mind, stick to energy-efficient lighting fixtures that help in reducing the carbon footprint. Using LED lights seems reasonable enough to ensure that you are on the right track energy-wise. To add to it, motion sensors and timers can also be installed to ensure that the lights are on only when needed. We will help you understand what contributes to the cost of building a custom wine cabinet to allow you to perk up your decision. 

  • Optimize the Ventilation

Proper ventilation is one of the essential features to make sure the cabinet is sustainable or ends up with mold growth, musty odors, and a damaged wine cabinet. That way, you can regulate the humidity and the temperature levels and prevent moisture build-up. All you need is to choose the best location of your house for the cellar. The best wine cellars of Houston, Texas when designed with sustainable features are undeniably a fantastic addition to your home.

When designing an eco-friendly wine cellar, consider working with a specialist who can guide you about the eco-friendly materials and technologies used for creating storage solutions. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we will help you create a sustainable wine cellar with amazing luxury features. Call 281-271-7045 / 281-787-0783 to speak to our experts right away.