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5 Unusual Storage Ideas for Storing Your Wine Collection at Home

Being an oenophile is not very easy. You will feel the overwhelming urge to bring all the premium quality wine in your collection and showcase them in style while enjoying their exotic taste every now and then when the mood feels like.

But have you thought of the right storage in your home for your precious wine collection? Did you just say that you have space constraints at home and that is why a full-blown wine cellar is not an option? Well, we, Wine Cellars of Houston bring you great wine storage and portable wine cellar ideas that you will find helpful. Take a look.

Secret Kitchen Storage

Do you have a kitchen island or a buffet counter that you can easily turn into your custom wine storage? We can do it for you. By adding some custom wine racks inside, we can create enough functional space for your small wine collection while a portable cooling unit will manage the environment inside.

Floor to Ceiling Wine Racks

If you have space constraints in your home, then use the vertical space in your home. Create a custom floor-to-ceiling wine racking system with a ladder that can offer you enough space for storing and displaying your wine collection. We cater to every need of yours. You just have to share your idea and you will get a 2D representation of it.

Underground Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

Maybe you have limited space in your home. But what about any underground space? There are many houses in Houston that have underground garages and storage. We, Wine Cellars of Houston, can easily convert this space into a wine cellar for you along with a wine tasting room. Don’t worry about the security as our sturdy wine cellar doors will protect your collection.

Hallway Closet

If you have an unused hallway closet in your apartment or home, it is going to be the perfect wine storage room for you. Usually, these hallway closets have the perfect temperature to keep your wine safe and long-lasting so in no way shall it prove to be a failed attempt. This wine storage Houston is perfectly okay for those people who live in small apartments and do not have extensive wine cellar options available. You can easily call in any of the best home wine storage designers to make it look more appealing when the guest comes over. After our experts are done puttingthe final touches, you will notice that the entire closet looks greatly different from the left alone piece of furniture that you thought it would be. According to our team at Wine Cellars of Houston, the best way to store wine in this sort of custom wine cellar in Sugarland, Katy, Bellaire areais by laying it sideways. This way the whole closet will have more space to store all the wine that you are gifted or collect over the years. Now, it is important to remember to never let this hallway closet get near the sunlight. Sunlight is wine’s biggest enemy. Even if the cork is plugged in to your wine bottle, the UV rays will find a way to taint and prematurely age your vintage wines. In fact the lighter the wine, the more chances of sunlight damage. To avoid all these, keep it in the hallway or in the living room corners where the guests can see it and no sunlight can reach it.

Old Refrigerators

Yes, we know that you used to keep your wine in the refrigerator but what if you have a whole one filled with your favorite wine? This custom wine cellar will be easy to build and also maintain. Not to mention since the refrigerator will be cold and temperature can get adjusted easily. It will become much easier for you to keep your wine safe. Among other unique wine storage ideas, this is the safest bet. All you have to do is get a good wine cellar restoration company like us to work on your old refrigerator, make a few changes and you are good to go. You can also make glass wine cellar doors installation on this refrigerator if you want a luxury look and appeal and stand as the strongest guard to your cellar.

So, now as you know how you can get the wine cellar of your dream from us with these unusual storage ideas, what are you waiting for? Come to us for getting a free consultation right away. Dial 281-271-7045 now for more details.