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Why Must You Have A Cooling Unit In A Metal Wine Rack?

You are the proud owner of some of the finest collections of wine and need a proper storage option for keeping them intact. Why don’t you choose wine racks to organize your collections?  Well, thinking whether a metal racking system is the best option to choose? If you are not ready to go over the budget for storing wine, a metal racking system is one of the best options to choose from. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we help the sommeliers enjoy their tastes with an intriguing collection of metal wine racking systems to store your bottles safely and securely.

Do you need a cooling unit?

When it comes to storing the bottles in metal wine racks, you do not want to be plagued with the thought of whether the content of the bottle will stay intact or not. If you are a connoisseur and possess collections from various regions, there must be recommendations of proper storage that come attached with them. Well, if your home does not have a uniform cooling system, it is necessary to install a cooling unit.

Why are racks cold?

If you store the bottles in metal wine cellar racks, find out what the average temperatures need to be for the wine to age properly. The temperature needs to be ideal and not too high or low. So, we recommend using a cooling unit in the racks you have got made from us. It will help you maintain the temperature of the storage unit to allow it to stay distinctive and retain its taste all year round. Here are a few systems you may check.

  • Ducted systems are quiet and free from vibration but require more space to function correctly. It will circulate cool air through insulated ductwork and is a popular option for collectors investing in cellars and racks from us.
  • The split system places the condenser outside the room, making it easier for the warm air to circulate. It is ideal when the luxury home wine cellars are in bigger spaces.
  • If you live in a warm region and need your wine often, get a cooling unit for your rack or cellar.

The humidity level of the wine cellar is another aspect you need to consider when creating an ideal environment for your collection.  You may invest in metal racks for bigger and enclosed spaces but do not ignore the temperature conditions to aid proper aging and prevent deterioration.

If you are planning to invest in metal racks to store your wine collections, call 281-271-7045 / 281-787-0783 to know what size your home wine storage requires. Also, visit to get a preview of superior storage options where you can store the bottles safely and install a cooling unit for proper aging.