Unlock The Secrets for Designing the Ideal Wine Cellar Door

A wine cellar door isn’t just a buffer between your wine cellar and the rest of your home. It should be an inviting entryway that draws your guests in and makes them appreciate the finer details.

Don’t devote all your attention to brainstorming wine rack ideas. Your custom-made wine cellar door should also meet your custom specifications and fit in with the general theme. Here’s what you should look for in an ideal wine cellar door.

Consider The Climate

You need to think about how different materials interact with the ambient temperature and humidity. While wood is the primary choice for most people, a wine cellar door made from wood wouldn’t be ideal if you live in a damp and humid location.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to climate control the wine cellar artificially, metal or wrought iron wine cellar doors aren’t ideal options either. They are more prone to expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations. Our experts can recommend you the best materials and configurations that make your wine cellar door complete.  


Shape Matters

The shape of the wine cellar door has artistic implications. For instance, most old European luxury wine cellars have arched doors. They have an old-world charm that’s hard to beat. On the other hand, modern luxury wine cellars incorporate sharp lines and boxes into their design. In this case, rectangular doors fit right in. We customize our recommendations to fit your vision. That’s the reason we are one of the best wine rack and wine cellar door designers in Houston.   


All designs are incomplete without balance. Too much and you risk creating an overwhelming appearance. Too little and you might be lacking essential functionality. For instance, adding too many shapes and using a very complex mix of materials would drastically increase the price of the door while taking away insulating properties. That’s why you must hit the perfect balance with your design. Fortunately, we are here to help you every step of the way. 


Finer Details

You’ve designed the perfect glass wine cellar door and hit all the core elements. However, it’s also crucial to hit the finishing touches and refine the finer details. For instance, our designers would also have an in-depth discussion with you about the hinges, the shape of the handles, locking mechanisms, and more for the final design.

You need good listeners who can breathe life into your vision to craft a well-balanced and visually appealing wine cellar door. At, Wine Cellars of Houston, we have extensive experience in meeting client demands. Call us at +1 281 787 0783 for a free consultation today.