wall mounted wine racks

3 Fundamental Wine Rack Styles Effective For Your Home Decor

Wine Racks are a necessary element in all homes when you are investing in a collection of wine and not in a cellar.  And the fact that they are available in different styles as well as in custom design makes it even better for the owners to choose a style that is perfect for their Texas City TX Wine Cellars as well as the décor.

Wine Cellars of Houston is one of the most famous wine cellar agencies in Houston that offers high-quality wine racks for both residential as well as commercial wine cellars. They have different finishes, like metal, wrought iron and wooden wine racks.

However, here we shall be talking 3 most fundamental styles of wine racks:

  1. Wall-mounted Racks: Wall mounted wine racks help save a lot of space in smaller wine cellars, if you have one, which is preferably the choice for home owners. With a cooling unit, such wine racks allow for proper storage and aging.
  2. Stackable Racks: Stackable wine racks are great for those home owners who are beginning with their wine collection. For this, you do not necessarily need to have a wine cellar. Well, we do not mean to say that you need a wine cellar for wall mounted wine racks either but this one is more suggested choice for smaller home wine collection. The best thing about stackable wine racks is that you can expand it as your collection increases.
  3. Countertop Wine Racks: Such wine racks are perfect for small homes and apartments. More suited to people who can rather be said to have a taste in wine rather than in collecting wine, these allow you to easily grab a bottle, and put it in the refrigerator to chill when friends or guests come over.

Wine Cellars of Houston is your best choice for wine cellars in Houston. They even take ideas into consideration while creating their custom designs.

As for wooden wine racks, Wine Cellars of Houston has various wooden finishes, including All Heart Redwood, Malaysian Mahogany, Premium Redwood and White Oak. For free consultation regarding wine racks, contact today. Just dial 281-271-7045.