Wine cellar repair

3 Signs That Indicates Your Wine Cellar Needs Urgent Repairs

Wine cellars are deluxe additions to the homes of wine collectors. But it is very tricky to know when your luxury wine cellar needs your attention. Repairing your old wine cellars can restore their former glory. But how would you know if you need to repair your beloved wine cellar? There are many signs that indicate when you need to attend to problems in your wine cellar.

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What signs to look for when repairing your Wine Cellar?

  1. Cooling Issues
  2. Cooling is a very important part of your wine cellar. A good cooling system is responsible to keep your wines in great condition. What if your wine cellar is not cooling properly? Regular wine cellar maintenance can reduce the chances of cooler breakdown. Wine cellars should always maintain a constant temperature between 55° and 58° F to function properly. If you find your wine cellar warmer than that, it’s a sign that you might need to repair your cooling unit.

  3. Inconsistent Humidity
  4. The humidity level in wine cellars need to be such that the wine remains in good condition for a long time. Too much humidity is bad for your collection. Excess of humidity can cause molding in your expensive luxury home wine cellars. This damages the cork of your rare collection of wine bottles and also causes condensation which eventually leads to leakage in your cellar. So, you should definitely consider repairing your wine cellar as soon as you notice a rise in your wine cellar humidity.

  5. Lighting Defects
  6. Lights help you access and navigate your favorite wines in wooden, metal or custom wine cellars. So, if your wine cellar lights are malfunctioning, you should not wait further. You may find it difficult to find your desired bottles in the dark and also injure yourself if there are broken glass pieces from damaged wine bottles. If you need to fix the lighting in your wine cellar, we are just a call away.

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