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Designing a Wine Cellar for Your Home? Here are the Top 3 Must Haves

The wine stored in the bottles undergoes a sea change in the taste and for the better. So, you must strive to store it in the best place and ideal conditions. Nevertheless, a home wine cellar is what you need to keep the bottles in the desired space. Now, the design specifications depend on the availability of space, the kind of functionality you desire, and the style you swear by. Make better use of your time for other stuff and assign us the work of designing your home cellar. We are veterans in designing wine storage options, so get an accomplished design with the must-have functionalities.Here are the three factors you must have for your storage to work.

  1. Design a fine closet
  2. You need the taste of the drink to improve with time, so try to go for closet designs. Our team at Wine Cellars of Houston know how to approach the designs of underground home cellars in case you need one. We are at it for a long time, from designing the finest of closets to ensuring that they are up to your specifications. Trust us for reworking on closets you already have and turn them into wine cellars. However, we may also design new and  unprofessed wine storage options from where you can enjoy sipping the drink. So make sure you communicate with us to stack your bottles away from the prying eyes.

  3. Building ideas
  4. Designing a wine cellar does not have to go beyond your budget. From the basement of your home to the kitchen racks, you have a lot to experiment with. If you have no plans to store each bottle beyond a few months then be it. Searching for design ideas online won’t help, so visit our portfolio section to get a glimpse of cellars we have designed.. Give us  an estimate of the measurement of your home and we  will come up with the best space-saving storage options. Whether you yearn for a retro design or the conventional look, there are plenty of ways to go for it. The wall-mounted wine racks are versatile and appropriate for today’s homes with space shortages. Mounting the rack on the wall saves the floor space.

  5. Functional cellar doors
  6. One of the most important aspects of a wine cellar is the door design. But don’t just go for fancy doors alone but look for those with several functional features. Do you know what a must-have for the cellar door is? It must insulate the space and keep the bottles secured. So, think before you get a design to die for.

If you are still wondering which cellar design to choose, go for the experts’ consultation. Wine Cellars of Houston is a name that synchronizes with artful and realistic designs of wine cellars. Tell us your needs, and we are happy to offer the design that suits your home and keeps the drink intact. Our expertise in wine cellar restoration is appreciable. So, call us at 281-271-7045 / 281-787-0783 or visit https://www.winecellarsofhouston.com/ for the best cellar designs. You can check our collection of custom wine cellars Sugarland, Katy, West University, Cinco Ranch, and Bellaire and many other areas in and around Houston.