Essential Elements for Garden Wine Cellar Doors

Traditional cellars are quite common. Everyone has them and even the rare basement cellar has become increasingly frequent across the country. That’s why garden wine cellars stand out in a sea of mediocrity and elevate your wine collection to the next level. An extraordinary cellar requires an extraordinary door, doesn’t it?

Looking to build an amazing wine cellar doors that’s perfect for your garden cellar? Wine Cellars of Houston can help make a door that doesn’t just keep the elements out but also keeps your prized collection secure in style.

Let’s Check Out the Essential Features of The Garden Wine Cellar Door:

1. It Should Be Weather-resistant

The door must be made of solid and robust materials. Custom-made wine cellar doors for your garden cellars and custom wine racks don’t just need to withstand mere humidity and temperature fluctuations. They are constantly exposed to the intense sun rays, rain, snow, and several other harsh elements of nature. Despite that, they need to keep looking great and protect the cellar from weather irregularities. That’s why we use strong and reliable materials with weather-resistant paint and coating for garden cellars.

2. It Should Be Secure

Wine cellar owners don’t cheap out on their collection. Even the most humble wine connoisseurs have expensive bottles that are hard to find at your local store. That’s one of the reasons wine cellar doors are designed to be very secure. When it comes to garden cellars, the level of security is raised by a few notches.

When it comes to traditional cellars, wrought iron wine cellar doors are usually the best option. However, garden cellars usually have a dual-layered system. The external section protects your cellar from weather elements and the internal section has a solid core that protects your collection from tampering and robbers.

3. A Great Hinging Mechanism

Hinges aren’t just responsible for the smooth opening and closing of doors. They also play a small role in the air tightness of your cellar door. Moreover, garden cellar doors open towards the top and act against gravity. That’s why it needs to be a hinge-assisted mechanism that takes off the weight of your door and reduces manual strain on your part. Without a good hinge mechanism, even a lightweight wine cellar glass door can feel quite heavy. 

Looking to install a door for your garden cellar? Wine Cellars of Houston has extensive experience crafting some of the best wine room glass doors, cabinets, and cellar furniture pieces. Connect with us at 281-787-0783 or click here to get a stunning and sturdy door for your cellar.