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How to Convert Kitchen Cabinets Into Wine Racks: The Mini Guide

They say that making wine is an art. So, when you store your wine, make sure that your wine cellar becomes a gallery. When you are planning to get your wine cellar done for your precious wine collection, there are some options that you can take into consideration. One of those is building wine racking systems in your wine cellar. There are several places in a home where a wine rack can be installed. One such place is in your kitchen. Building custom wine racks from existing kitchen cabinets is a rather sustainable yet classy way to showcase your wine collection out in the front.  Read to find out how this beautiful transformation takes place!

Prepare the Cabinet

Preparing the cabinet(s) where you want your wine racks to set up in the kitchen. Preparing here means removing the cabinet doors, shelves and the brackets that are there in the cabinet. You can open it yourself if you are properly equipped, but it would be better to leave things to the experts for getting it done perfectly. 

Decide on the Number of Shelves

It would be beneficial for you to decide on the number of shelves you want in your custom wine rack. That way you could easily discuss your plans with us and know our inputs in it. We aim to mix your view and our designs together to make the perfect wine racks for you.

Measure the Shelves

This is one of the most important factors that you need to remember while deciding on converting your kitchen cabinet to wine racks. Because this would ultimately affect the wine bottles you would be able to store in your kitchen cabinet wine racks. There are different sizes of wine bottles so, remember to keep your wine racks of adequate sizes to fit any bottle of wine that you fancy. For any addition to the existing material of the cabinet, there are several options for you to choose from. There are wooden wine racks in Houston, which is the most sought-after option when making wine racks. But some people also prefer having metal wine racks in Houston. Because it lasts long and is sturdy. Not to mention the elegant look it adds to your kitchen. Check out to learn more about this.

Remember it is a one-time investment when you decide on building kitchen cabinet wine racks. Make it lavish, luxury and an add-on to your home decor.