Wine Racks

3 Wine Racks Option for Wine Lovers with Space Constraints

When you are planning to create a wine cellar in your home, thinking about how much space it will take is surely a big concern for anyone. If you are in Houston and coming to an agency like us, Wine Cellars of Houston, then you can surely get some customization options for yourself.

Now, given the modern living situation, you might have space constraints in your home. Those who are living in apartments and condos often find themselves in a situation where getting complete becomes difficult. For limited space, they can only get a wine room. The following options of wine racks can help you keep your bottles organized in such a small place.

Vertical Wine Rack

When it comes to wine racks, people generally tend to think about library-style wine racks. But for limited space, it will be difficult to pull off. And that is why vertical wine racks can be a great option for you. This can easily save a lot of space while stacking up all your bottles quite neatly.

Hanging Wine Racks

Getting a hanging wine rack with under-shelf stemware storage can be a perfect option when you are looking for a way to keep wine and wine glasses together just above the bar or the table. This is also a suitable style for those who have a small collection or who have just started collecting wine. Our custom wine racks will perfectly suit their need too.

Wall Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted wine racks are the perfect answer to the space issue of your home. If you have a collection of wine that doesn’t need a different environment, then you can invest in wall mounted wine racks that will hold the space of glory in your home and help you showcase your collection in the classiest way possible.

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