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How To Store Wine At Home: Best Tips To Follow In 2022

Wine is for those who prefer enjoying the pleasures of life. But a more important thing is how you curate the collection and store the bottles at home. When you buy wine, think about how you need to store as preserving the bottles properly can make your favorite drink last for several decades. On the other hand, not storing it properly may mean ruining the entire collection you have so carefully curated over the years.

Luckily, you need not build a pricey cellar to store the bottles. There are several affordable storage options to choose from to retain flavor and aroma. If you are based in Houston, consult with Rudy Ardon from Wine Cellars of Houston and get your hands on marvelous cellars and racks. We have been into it since 1998 and craft space-saving and luxury storage structures to meet your needs.

Before choosing a wine cabinet, here are some tips to store wine effectively.

1. Storing wine at room temperature

Among the things, you must remember when storing wine is the temperature. With not-so-suitable cold and warm temperatures, the content of the bottle is most likely to spoil. Find out the ideal temperature for storing the bottles but again you need to consider that the longevity varies drastically. So, explore your collections and find out which conditions may accelerate the aging process and do away with the volatile compounds. Massive temperature fluctuations may also make the cork expand and contract and the wine to seep out from the bottle.

2. Safeguard them from vibration and light

Whether you need to store the bottles for several weeks, months, or years, we insist on using a wine cellar racking system that is installed away from the sources of vibration, such as a stereo system, dryer, washer, or exercise equipment. Talk to us if your home has less space in which you want to accommodate a stylish wine rack. Also, the racks are designed to keep your wine away from the UV rays of light.

3. Store in a wine fridge

You may store perishable foodstuff in your refrigerator but when it comes to finding a storage space that is dark, moist, and cool, go for a wine fridge that regulates the humidity levels. Do not worry about the cost as the wine bottles are pricier than the storage.

4. Storing the bottles horizontally

For wine bottles with corks, we have affordable home wine cellars to allow them to stay horizontal. Keeping it sideways keeps the cork moist, making it appropriate for long-term storage. It also creates more space in the storage and easy access to the user.

Aging wine is worthwhile but you need to enjoy the drink. You may explore various designs of cellars and racking systems for those special bottles. If you are not lucky to have a moderately-damp basement, call 281-271-7045 / 281-787-0783 or email to order a cellar or a rack.