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Wine Fridge or Wine Cellar: How to Resolve the Wine Storage Dilemma?

Are you a wine lover messed up with storing your favorite collections? Are you already stuck with epic ideas of storing your regional wines at home and not sure what to invest in to store your collections? The decision is tough indeed as both options are good for wine storage in different seasons. But if you are a homeowner with an ever-growing collection of regional wines, a cellar may be the option you must choose to your heart’s content.

As Wine cellars of Houston, you will come across enormous collections of home wine cellars. All you will need is exploring the designs and sizes before choosing. We have an experience dating back to as early as 1998 and since then there has been no looking back.

But before you trust our expertise, sort the differences between a wine cellar and a wine fridge.

Why buy a wine fridge?

Consider the collections you already have in the stock to know why you need to invest in a wine fridge.

  • Wine fridges are affordable and accessible, so you can buy one for less than the refrigerator of your home and also costs less than setting up a cellar. Just check the process before you buy.
  • Locate the fridge anywhere at home, whether in the kitchen, hallways, and the dining area and move the unit conveniently.
  • How many bottles are you planning to store at home? The wine fridges are available in different sizes and word has it that you can store up to 200 bottles.
  • For smaller or temporary collections, a wine fridge is the right choice to make.
  • Some wine fridges are equipped with dual cooling abilities, which may mean that you can set the temperatures differently. So, customizing the temperature profiles for red and white wine is easy.

Why get a wine cellar?

Wine cellar is a definitive and a substantial investment in terms of money and time. You can get wine cellar design ideas for basements, under the stairs, the dining area or the living area from us. Here are the pros of buying a wine cellar.

  • The cellars have better control over the environment of the storage.They not only control the climate but humidity as well.
  • With a cellar, you will get ducted and split cooling systems, each having their pros and cons.
  • Want a perfect storage option for aging your wines? Pick metal wine cellars that are way larger than the fridge.
  • Resolve the issues of storing a substantial collection if you are a sommelier.
  • Finally, wine cellars are undeniably the top picks in terms of aesthetics. We offer old-world or ultra-modern designs with innovative storage, sleek lighting, and clean lines.

If you are still unsure and need to invest money for long-term storage, come to Wine Cellars of Houston and meet the brain behind it, Rudy Ardon, and you will never go wrong with your choice. Email or call 281-271-7045 to sit over a cup of coffee (or wine) to decide quickly.

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