Wine cellar design

8 Smart Ideas for Wine Cellar Design Every Wine Lover Will Love

Do you love collecting various kinds of wines from different parts of the world? But you must decide how you plan to store the wine first. Most wine enthusiasts tend to build a fine quality wine cellar to flaunt their collection as well as store the wine properly in optimum conditions. But in order to build the right wine cellar, you will have to design it first.

There are various wine cellar companies which can help you with these designs. We, at Wine Cellars of Houston, can be the right choice for you. We can offer you a variety of wine cellar designs, custom wine cellars, and even wine cellar restoration services. Our wine cellars meet your budget as well as your needs quite easily. In order to choose the design wisely, you might need a little help. So, here, we have put together a few smart ideas that might come to your use while designing the wine cellar. Take a look.

1. Glass Enclosed Wine Racks

Contemporary homeowners love the idea of a glass enclosure when it comes to a home wine cellar. Glass will accentuate the wooden or metal finishing usually found on the racks of the wine cellar. It gives the impression of wine bottles suspended in midair, which looks quite fancy.

2. Right Lighting

Like all the interior decor elements to shine through, you need the right kind of lighting for your wine cellar too. Stair wash lights, recessed lights, track lighting, or under-the-counter lights can all work beautifully for this purpose. Try to use the ecological, energy-saving, and more affordable LED lights, thereby keeping the atmosphere cool as these lights tend to emit softer light.

3. Go for Customization

When you are going for a wine cellar design, you should make sure it reflects your taste and sensibilities. This will help you create a more unique look for your wine cellar. You can obviously draw inspirations from various magazines or even the Internet. But try to rework on the wooden or metal features and get a mix and match of both to make it stand out from the rest.

4. Custom kitchen shelves

From custom-made cellars, you may journey to the pantry or the cooking area of your home. the dining area can be turned into a storage option for the bottles. If you are wondering how, come to Wine cellars of Houston, and we will show you how custom shelves in the kitchen area may make a mark for storing the bottles. But we suggest that an open kitchen is a more appropriate place to construct the shelves lest the warmth may ruin the taste and the quality.

5. Storing in oak barrels

Are you keen to replicate the storage place as a winery? Remember those barrels kept in cold temperatures? Well, we can create similar ones for you to bring the conventional touch. The oak barrels not only extend the shelf life of your preferred drink. You may use the wine for up to 100 years. Be sure to put it in a dry place to prevent moisture to pervade and mold to develop.

6. Underground cellar

If you are curious to make the cellar design stand out, the basement is one area to convert into a cave-like storage structure. An underground garage area may also serve the purpose well enough. If the area is large, you can even convert a part of it into a tasting room similar to the conventional royal cellars. The entire location needs to be made moisture-free and the leakages repaired before planning the sturdy structure. Installing a climate-controlled mechanism would be the smartest thing to have in the underground cellar. A sleek seating arrangement inside may add a lot of zeal to this stunning cellar design.

7. Curved wine racks

An interesting design element is creating a curved rack for the bottles, leaving adequate space between them. Rudy Ardon, The owner of Wine Cellars of Houston is the person you need to trust for curved racking systems. Do not forget to include a cooling system for this unusual style and let the airflow prevent overheating.

8. Wine wall

A full wall dedicated to storing the wine bottles? Sounds rather unfamiliar? Come to us to know how ornate the wine wall looks in the dining room. To add more to it, you may design the area behind each bottle with painted imageries, green elements, tiles, or stacked rock. Check for light and temperature conditions in the area where you put the wine wall.

So, if you like these ideas and are looking for custom wine cellars Austin or Houston, you can rely on us. For custom wine cellars Sugarland, Rover Oaks, Cinco Ranch, Bellaire, West University, and Katy, call us now at 281-271-7045.