Differences between Wine Cabinets and Wine Coolers

Sorting the Differences between Wine Cabinets and Wine Coolers


A lot goes into drinking and enjoying wine right from the climate, the making, and the quality of grapes. However, there is one thing you cannot give amiss and that is storing the wine. Unfortunately, most people ignore this aspect. Storing wine bottles often gets tricky as you move past hundreds of storage and cooling solutions available on the market. What is the most fitting option you need to pick? If you are in a dilemma while picking custom wine cabinets near me, you are in the right place. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we offer unparalleled customer services to help people build cabinets that match their storage ability.

But before that, you need to figure out the differences between a wine cabinet and a wine cooler. Here are the top 3 differences between the functions of a wine cabinet and a cooler.

  1. Humidity conditions – Cooler vsCabinet?
  2. Humidity is an important consideration when choosing a wine storage option as it prevents the corks from drying out. Besides, it stops air from entering the bottle, resulting in oxidization and damaging taste. Wine coolers do not offer humidity control and may maintain a level of around 60%. As a result, the humidity level often drops or rises from the recommended level.
    On the other hand, refrigerated and custom wine cabinets support aging over several years and have adjustable humidity-controlling abilities. So, you can keep the bottles safely regardless of the humidity levels present inside.

  3. Maintaining the temperature – Cooler vsCabinet?
  4. The aging of wine is appropriate in a low-temperature range and has no fluctuations. Although a cooler offers a short-term solution to keep the wine chilled, the internal temperature hardly stays constant. If you have the bestquality and the finest wines that mature over decades, a cooler will never offer the kind of consistency needed.
    However, you may include a cooler inside yourcustom wine cabinets Houston to preserve your collections. At Wine Cellars of Houston, our custom home wine cellars are designed keeping your necessity in mind and are and dependable. If you want to keep the temperature inside the cabinet consistent, consider our models for long-term storage no matter how hot the external conditions are.

  5. Aesthetics – Cooler vs Cabinet
  6. The basic function of a cooler is keeping your collection in cold conditions but that does not mean ignoring the aesthetics completely. Unfortunately, most wine coolers do nothing to enhance the décor and function below the counter in garages, closets, or basements. 

On the contrary, ourcustom wine cellarsare made from quality materials and embellished designs. So, you will have a good many options to pick from to make your cabinet look like a worthy piece of furniture.

A multi-functional wine cabinet offers an excellent opportunity to maintain the temperature zone. You can install glass doors with UV-protected glass to boost storage. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we design wine racks and furniture to suit your needs. Plus, you can call us for a wine cellar repair near me in case there is damage due to any reason. Email your requirements to info@winecellarsofhouston.com and get the assistance you need.